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LoisLane, Clark Kent & Superman Multiverse

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Cloisverse - Lois & Clark Multiverse Community
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Superman, Lois Lane, Clark Kent

Welcome to the LiveJournal Clark/Lois community!!

This is a community for fans of the Clark Kent and Lois Lane pairing. The community was founded with a focus on Smallville's version as played by Tom Welling and Erica Durance, but we welcome posts related to any and all incarnations, including the comics, cartoons, Lois & Clark : TNAS (Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher), the Reeveverse (Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder), and Superman Returns (Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth). Members often post meta, episode or movie discussion, pictures, fanfiction, fan-made music videos, spoilers, and news.

All posts must focus on Clark, Lois, or Clark/Lois. Ship or character bashing will not be tolerated.

Please use LJ-cuts for large pictures, multiple GIFs, or lengthy posts such as fanfiction.


Episode titles and lists of appearances by this season's regulars are not considered spoilers. Anything else regarding an episode that has not yet aired in the United States is a spoiler and must be marked as such behind an LJ-cut. This includes but is not limited to:

1) Screenshots and promotional stills
2) Trailers and preview clips
3) Plot details
4) Fanworks featuring images, clips, or details from unaired episodes

THE SPOILER POLICY ALSO APPLIES TO ICONS. When posting or commenting in the community, do not use icons featuring images from upcoming episodes until after they have aired in the United States.

Anyone who violates this policy will receive a reminder from a mod, and depending on the time of day, a window in which to fix it. If they do not fix their post within the time prescribed, it will be deleted. Please do not see this deletion as a punishment; it is meant as a courtesy to those in this community who want to avoid spoilers. If your post is deleted you are free, and indeed encouraged, to repost.

Community owner:louisemcgregor
Mod: bananainpyjamas

Sister Communities: _ericadurance iconic_loislane , teamarrow and sv_multishipprs
Affiliates: cloisicontest, clois_icons, terihatcher, 12days_of_clois, cloisfic, clois_news, sv_ledger, inhereyes_icons, metropolis1938, clois_scans, clois_fest

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If you have a Clois, Erica, or Tom website or anything else related to Superman, and want to affiliate, please leave a comment in this post and we'll be glad to add your site !

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