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SPOILERS from Television without pity

Clark's newfound cousin isn't the only woman in his life. Many fans were extremely vocal over Lana marrying Lex, But Millar promises that situation and it's ramifications, will be addressed.

"I'm really excited about Clark and Lana," says Millar. "We had this huge campaign last year when we had Lex and Lana together. Fans were saying, "What are you doing?! You ruined the show!" But we always knew where it was heading.

It was kinda fun to watch them squirm, and we will see that Clark and Lana's relationship finally have its run and what they will make of it. These two people have been struggling with love over six years, so now what? She know his secrets, so what are the consequences of that?"

So with Lana in the loop about Clark's Kryptonian Heritage, will she be taking a more active role in his extracurricular activities?

"Yes to a certain degree," Says Millar. " But just as Lex has been scarred by this relationship with Lana, she has been deeply hurt and altered by it too. She is pretty twisted from everything that Lex has put her through."

Where does this leave the future Mrs. Kent, Lois Lane?

"Well it leaves her out in the cold because Clark and Lana will finally attempt to be together and make that relationship work." Says Millar. "It has always been they are together one episode and then the next they are apart.

This season we are really trying to play the reality of Lana: What it means now that she finally know Clark's secret; what it means for them to be together; and what ultimately happen to a couple in this situation? How does Lana cope? how has her relationship with Lex scarred her? Is she the same person? We have plently of interesting dynamics to play with"

Please, someone kill me.

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